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Parashat Noach


So it’s that time of the week again when Eitan sends out our favourite email but instead, you got me so good luck.

This week's Parsha looks at the cause of the great flood and aftermath and contains a depiction of the absolute idiocracy of the human race. It discusses men having two wives, one for the purpose of having children and the other for purposes of entertainment. It discusses the absolute carnage that society was in due to the disorder and violence that had riddled the population, and the need to start from scratch. It is said that the world was destroyed because people were making selfish decisions. Now, generally, that is a rather difficult topic to relate to Hineni, as we don't see too many of those types of issues arising.

However, the main lesson from this week's Parsha is one of decency, kindness, Tikkun Olam and awareness. I think we can relate this idea of looking out for one another rather than focusing on our selfish needs to Hineni. We have seen the growth we have been able to achieve over the last few years due to the hard work and dedication that we have put in as a team. It is not a solo effort that can be achieved by one, it requires a collective effort to achieve a particular goal with helping hands along the way. This drive, communication and effort goes beyond years and knowledge and we are able to achieve these great triumphs only when working as a team.

No matter the borders that divide us between Sydney, Melbourne and Israel, we all aim for Hineni to be a unified machine keeping kids Jewish and finding shidduchim for our madrichim.

So on that note, I wish you a beautiful Shabbos and many more to come and can’t wait to see where we go as a team in the future.

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