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MASA Universal Grant

MASA Israel provides universal grants to all eligible program participants. 


This grant is $200 USD

MASA Means Tested Scholarship 


MASA Israel provides means tested scholarships to participants who made need extra financial assistance and that meet the eligibility criteria.


Applicants of the means tested scholarships can receive up to $10,000 USD


Apply for both on the masa website at 


Israel Go! - ZFA


Israel Go!


Isreal Go is offering grants up to $6,600 AUD for applicants going on a MASA israel program. 

  • $3000 AUD for programs up to 6 months 

  • $4500 AUD for programs between 6-10 months

  • $6500 AUD for programs over 10 months


Therefore Hineni Shnat participants, going on a seven and a half month program, is eligible for $4500 AUD


For more information on eligibility and the grant visit 

AZYC scholarships




This year the AZYC is offering two Shnat scholarships available for participants affiliated with the AZYC


The Daphne Boroda Scholarship


Funded by the Boroda family in honour of their late grandmother, Daphne Boroda.

This scholarship will contribute $5000 for one female Victorian participant. This scholarship aims to empower female jewish leadership in our community.


The Israel Charak Scholarship

Funded by the Charak family in honour of their late father and grandfather, Isi Charak.

This scholarship is available to all Australian and New Zealand participants and will grant $10,000 to one participant. This scholarship emphasises a connection to Israel and Zionism as well as being active in our community.

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