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Hineni Shnat is a ten and a half month leadership Israel program for high-school leavers. The program encompasses volunteering, experiential and educational components, with a continual leadership focus, all within Hineni’s unique framework. 


A year in Israel with Hineni is a chance to connect to the Jewish homeland; to learn about Jewish history, culture and religion; to form friendships; learn Hebrew; explore one’s own Jewish, Zionist and personal identity; and to challenge oneself to learn and form opinions about the issues that affect Israel today.

MACHON & PARDES (February - June)

Machon & Pardes is a four month leadership program based in Jerusalem 

Eshkolot   (July - September)

The program is combined with participants from Australia, South Africa, England, Europe and North America. The Machon runs in a ‘University style’ where students attend classes covering Hebrew, Judaism, Hadracha (Leadership), Zionism, Israeli politics and Jewish history.


The classes are run in both formal and informal approach and the participants have the opportunity to choose which classes they attend to suit their preferred learning style. Each week participants go on a day long trip around Israel to get hands-on-experience.

Week long seminars that explore different topical issues

YAM LE YAM: Travel the land of Israel by foot from the Mediterranean Sea to the Kinneret.


MINORITIES: Understand the demographics of Israel and the multitude of religions and cultures that live side by side Jewish Israelis. 

RUACH TZAHAL AND ALIYAH: Explore the spirit and units of the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) and understand the practical process, as well as the emotional connection, to Aliyah. 

MODERN DAY ZIONISIM: Basics and ethos of Zionism, as well as modern technological and agricultural advancements. 

IDENTITY AND MEMORIES - POLAND: The Poland journey involves a weeklong

heritage tour in Poland and the exploration of the prevalence of youth

movements in the Holocaust. 


DUAL NARRATIVES: Introduction to the Israeli-Arab conflict. 


POLITICS: Explore the history and polarisation of Israeli politics and understand

the political parties, their policies and how the government operates. 

Options   (July - September)

- Attend a 6-week basic army training course

- Lead on an american summer Camp - Sprout Lake in New York

- Live on ‘Hava Ve’Adam’, an ecological farm that grows its own vegetables and fruits.

- Lead on an international tech summer camp in Israel

Arava Volunteering   (October - November)

Volunteer at the primary and high school teaching English, work in the agricultural fields and participate in weekly programs and excursions.