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Hineni Shnat is a seven and a half month program in Israel for highschool graduates. The program includes volunteering as well as experiential and educational components with a continual focus on leadership, all within Hineni’s unique framework. 


A year in Israel with Hineni is a chance to connect to the Jewish homeland; to learn about Jewish history, culture and religion; to form friendships; learn Hebrew; explore one’s own Jewish, Zionist and personal identity; and to challenge oneself to learn and form opinions about the issues that affect Israel today.

       MACHON       (February - April)

Machon L’Madrichim  is a 3 month leadership program based in Jerusalem 


The program welcomes participants from Australia, South Africa, England, Europe and North America, allowing the Shnatties to interact with and learn from youth movements all around the world.


The Machon is run ‘university style’ where students attend classes covering Hebrew, Judaism, Hadracha (Leadership), Zionism, Israeli politics and Jewish history. The classes are run with both formal and informal approaches, giving participants the opportunity to choose which classes they attend depending on their preferred learning style. Machon also involves trips around Israel that give the Shnatties an educationally immersive experience allowing them to see what is being taught in the classroom, from history to modern Israeli politics, in its real-world context.

The Shnatties work and volunteer in Tel Aviv and its surrounding areas for 1 month.

During this period, Shnatties will live independently which includes cooking their own meals under a stipend. They will gain a unique understanding of what it means to be self-sufficient in a fast paced world. 


These internships provide a special opportunity for the Shnatties to immerse themselves in Israeli culture and provide resume-building experiences. The Shnatties are exposed to a diverse set of working conditions and start to experience the work force in a unique environment. The Shnatties can individuate their Shnat experience by tailoring this internship period to their own interests and skills.

MECHINA   (June - July)

Mechina (Israeli preparatory school) is a popular pre-army program for Israeli highschool graduates which includes hiking, experiential learning, volunteering and weekly training in order to develop leadership skills fit for both the Israeli Defense Force and community leadership roles.


At the Galil Elyon campus, the Shatties will attend Mechina in the beautiful northern region of Israel, the Galilee, meeting and befriending a diverse range of Israelis their age. This unique opportunity provides an eye-opening peek into the nuanced reality of growing up in the State of Israel. Mechina provides an excellent environment for personal growth as well as learning.


Kibbutz  (August)

The shnatties will be on kibbutz with Hashomer Chadash, a volunteer project in the Golan, dedicated to safeguarding and nourishing the land. The Shnatties will be working on a kibbutz for two weeks, labouring on farms and gaining a deeper understanding of the ideals of the chalutzim.


Sarel is a volunteer program where the Shnatties will go to an army base for two weeks and volunteer. As well as volunteering, they will also have peulot (activities) run for them by soldiers. Sarel is a unique chance to understand the culture surrounding the army,  a fundamental part of Israeli society. Therefore being able to experience even a small part of it is important to having a truly well rounded Israel experience.


Contact us:  

Federal Shnat Rakezet: Sadie Boroda 

Mobile: +61 435 858 368

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