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What could be better than escaping into the beautiful Australian countryside with all of your friends?! Come and join people from all backgrounds to explore your personal Jewish and Zionist identity, be educated in a fun safe environment, create lifelong friendships... and have the best school holiday ever!


Our leaders are young determined Madrichim. They are passionate and experienced leaders who strive to create a unique, fun and inspiring camp experience for all participants. All of our Madrichim have undergone a ‘Hadracha’ (leadership) training course. Many of our leaders are also graduates of the Machon Leadership Program (completed during their gap year in Israel). 


At Hineni, each individual matters! We have high standards of duty of care and personal safety to all our children. Each year we hold leadership seminars to further develop the skills of our Madrichim.



Our campsites include indoor accommodation, a large dining hall, high quality facilities and are in a secure, fenced campground.

The safety and security of children on camp is of the highest priority. Madrichim are familiar with all emergency procedures, briefed on security protocols before each camp, equipped with two-way radios and employ a personal system of guard duty at all hours. This ensures that any matters of welfare and emotional wellbeing that need to be addressed during the night are well handled.

Additionally, for the duration of camp there will be a trained medic present as well as several Madrichim who are certified in administering First Aid. In the unlikely event of an emergency, a hospital, medical practice and police station are located nearby.



Hineni self-caters nutritious and delicious Kosher meals for the duration of camp. We cater for special dietary requirements and food allergies. Hence, Hineni is a nut-free zone. Please make us aware of these as soon as possible so we can cater accordingly.


A tuck-shop will be available on camp selling light snacks and drinks.


Chanichim are also welcome to bring their own kosher, nut free food to camp. For a current list of kosher products please visit

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