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Hineni Youth & Welfare is a Modern Orthodox, Politically & Socially Active and Zionist youth movement that educates within a politically non-partisan framework. Hineni strives to create well-educated, critically thinking, empathetic and worldly youth who possess strong and proud Jewish and Zionist identities. Hineni is an outreach movement welcoming participants of all Jewish backgrounds. Hineni espouses mutual respect for all Jews, nurtures each participant’s unique sense of individuality and in doing so, strives to produce the future leaders of the Jewish people and wider community.

Hineni conducts youth leadership and developmental programs, securing the future of the Jewish community through creating strong and active leaders. We send a group of enthusiastic school-leaving youth to Israel each year on an educational, leadership year course. Many Hineni leaders have gone on to take significant roles within the community, whether in Synagogues, community organisations, governmental organisations and abroad.



The Modern Orthodox Movement is unequivocally committed to the truth, validity and eternal applicability of the Orthodox Halachic system, while responding to, and fully engaging with the modern, secular world. As a result, Modern Orthodoxy is characterised by the challenges and tensions involved in preserving traditional Jewish belief and practice while, at the same time, bringing Torah into contact with the modern world.

Hineni adopts this philosophy and endorses it within a non-coercive framework. Hineni attempts to use the notion of ‘Halachically Grounded Innovation’ to ensure all Jewish services and practices are as egalitarian as possible – where Halacha permits.


At its core, Hineni believes in the State of Israel as a home for Jews. Beyond this, Hineni emboldens participants and leaders to find their own connection to Israel and strengthen their bond with the State of Israel.

For many years Hineni has been escorted by an Israeli Shaliach who is the direct connection for our leaders and children to Israel, its culture and its people.


Hineni’s educational philosophy adopts a politically non-partisan approach concerning Israeli, Australian and world politics. Madrichim have the responsibility to educate objectively on the complete spectrum of ideological views, however they are still encouraged to discuss their own personal beliefs. Through this balanced and unbiased approach, Hineni empowers both Madrichim and Chanichim to develop their own personal political ideology, which they can share both within and outside the movement. Furthermore, Hineni encourages social activism in the local and global communities through education and involvement in community events.

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