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Parashat Tetzave

Over the past week, the Sydney Mad body was hard at work, on Madsem, planning for Hineni 2018.

Yummy food was eaten.

Words of Torah spoken.

During a Shiur, Madrichim learned a powerful passage from Ramban, who said: “Accustom yourself to speak gently to all people at all times.”

Just as Ramban explores the power of words, of speaking gently to others at all times. To not act out in anger and to pick out your words with care. So does this week’s parasha talk about the importance of thinking before you speak?

The Kohen Gadol (High Priest) wore a breastplate, as it says “You shall make the Chosen Mishpot (breastplate).” When the Kohen had a question, he would ask God and God would send the answer via the breastplate. But it wasn’t so simple for the Kohen to receive the answer. When he asked a question a number of letters on the breastplate would light and he would then have to arrange and decipher the answer. But sometimes he would misinterpret the answer. And the results were not good.

We start every year with a clean slate. We can choose how we want to this year to go. The words we use. How we interpret the actions of others, and whether they affect us. Our Sages say, “all beginnings are difficult, all beginnings are crucial.” So this Shabbat, think about how you want your year to go. Do you want if to be one of success and happiness? Or stress and anger? The chances are that if you start off the year on the right foot, with the right mindset, with good values, ideas and goals the chances are you will be motivated to continue on this path.

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