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Parshat Vayigash

First of all a huge mazal tov to Joel Baruch on the occasion of his 8th bar mitzvah anniversary.

A quick thought again from Dena Weiss whose words should resonate with us as we are about to enter or are currently in a camp. It outlines the eternal importance of words, wisdom and persoal connections.

"At the conclusion of last week’s parashah, Yosef framed his youngest brother Binyamin for theft of a fine goblet, and imprisoned him as a slave.1 This week’sparashah opens with the dramatic moment of Yehudah’s approaching Yosef to beg for Binyamin’s release. Yehudah movingly insists that he should be taken as a slave instead, since Yehudah promised his father that he would be responsible for Binyamin’s safe return.2 After Yehudah finishes speaking, Yosef can no longer hold back his tears and discloses his true identity to his brothers.

Why is this the specific moment when Yosef is overcome by his emotions? What is it about Yehudah’s speech that breaks through Yosef’s cold and distant veneer? Perhaps it was not the content of Yehudah’s speech, but the fact of it. Yosef is viscerally moved by Yehudah’s presence before him, by being spoken to so directly. This encounter between Yosef and his brothers underscores the power of proximity. The way that the conversation takes place between Yehudah and Yosef demonstrates the way that physical closeness can dismantle barriers between people and facilitate emotional closeness and reconciliation." - Dena Weiss

May we all find the courage to embrace closeness and connect with all.

Shabbat Shalom!

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