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Parshat Ha'azinu

Parshat Ha'azinu is famous for its structure. It like few other places in the Tanach is constructed as a song. It's opening words Haazinu are a command, a directive. Listen! This parsha often falls around this time and its directive of Listen! could not be more fitting as we hear the shofar.

It is time to talk seriously about listening. We often hear things, we seldom listen. To listen is to incubate the idea, to internalise and to process. One is merely a physical reality the other is deeply meaningful. And so, when we listen to the shofar it is about listening not hearing. We must incubate, internalise and process. Often we are left with questions of what we must think of, as we face the awe of the day. It is a large undertaking for us in our busy lives.

One thing we all have in common is our connection to Hineni. The time has come for us to make bold moves and be brave in our choices. I urge you all to, when listening to the shofar, to think of the ways in which you can assist Hineni but go above and beyond what is required. Ultimately, it is our dedication that has defined the character of our movement. I urge you all to think how you can step up within the movement, whether this be in a tafkid or writing a more than great program. For people who are beyond the Hineni age, this might include lending of your time to Hineni, sharing ideas, lending experience.

There is much to do and we must be the ones to do it. We are so proud of what we have achieved but we are thirsty to reach new heights. Heights only attainable if we go above and beyond.

I hope that this Rosh Hashanah you take time to reflect on the meaning that Hineni has provided in your life and begin thinking about what you can do to assist in helping it grow and prosper.

Shana Tova.

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