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Shnat is Hineni’s 10 month Israel program aimed at Hineni members upon graduation from high school. It is a program that combines education, volunteering, leadership training, travelling, independent-living, and, of course fun. All these components are experienced through Hineni’s non-coercive, Modern Orthodox, Zionist framework.

Shnat is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of invaluable experiences. The Shnat program provides an opportunity to connect to the Jewish homeland; to learn about Jewish history, culture and religion; to form friendships with other young people from Israel and around the world; to learn Hebrew; to explore oneʼs own identity; and to challenge oneself to learn and form opinions about the issues that affect Israel and the world today. Participants also gain important life skills such including teamwork, independence, responsibility, open-mindedness and self-confidence.

Throughout the entire program there is an emphasis on hadracha, such that the Shnat program develops both formal and informal leadership skills within the participants, allowing them to return to Australia as future leaders of the movement, the community, and the Jewish world.

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