• Hineni Camp 1981
  • Manoeuvre on Machane Technicolour
    Federal Camp 2015
  • Ruach
  • Melbourne Winter Camp
  • Sydney Junior Camp 2014
    Machane Safari - Camp Safari
  • Sydney Winter Camp 2014
    Machane Chushim
  • Tug of War!
  • Musical Prayers
  • Sydney Winter Camp 2015
    Prepping for Machane Shel Ha'atid

Hineni is an Australian-born Zionist youth movement, running programs, events, a gap-year program and camps for chanichim (participants) from Year 2/3 until Year 12. We infuse informal education with fun, to create experiential learning that leaves a lasting impact on our chanichim.

Founded in Sydney in the 1970′s, Hineni is the official youth movement of The Central Synagogue. In Melbourne, Hineni is affiliated with and operates from the Caulfield Hebrew Congregation. Hineni also participates in Jewish education and outreach in Adelaide and Canberra, through the Australian Zionist Youth Council.

Hineni is a Modern Orthodox, Politically Active and Pluralist Zionist youth movement that educates within a politically non-partisan framework. We pride ourselves on taking a balanced approach to education with a unique educational philosophy that presents all sides of the spectrum. Hineni aims to foster critically thinking individuals who can engage with the world with a mature, considered and balanced approach to a range of issues within the Jewish, Zionist and wider world. As an outreach movement, Hineni welcomes participants of all Jewish backgrounds.