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I find it challenging to relate to Yitzchak 

The only one of the three forefathers never to leave Israel, he doesn't do much of anything, instead, he just lives his life copying his father Avraham. My friend frames it well, she says "Avraham dug a well, and ... Yitzchak...

'Tis the season for melancholy 

Fa la la la la, la la, la, laaaa.

'Twas the week before exams, and all throughout town,

all the millennials were complaining, with a hmph and a frown'

Yes, exams season is upon us, and it feels exactly like a certain festival of a certain ot...

October 10, 2018


So it’s that time of the week again when Eitan sends out our favourite email but instead, you got me so good luck.

This week's Parsha looks at the cause of the great flood and aftermath and contains a depiction of the absolute idiocracy of the human race. It di...

Look to your left,

You’ll see a snake, it’s long body extends down from a hole in the roof you never noticed before. 

Tilt your head to the left and see it tilt its head with you.

Tilt your head to the right, it follows

“Bite the apple, Eve”

“My name’s not Eve” you want to...

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