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I'm not sure if the expression "och" is uniquely South African or a universal term to express dissatisfaction. In any case, the term is used quite frequently:

"Och, I wish the neighbour's dog would hurry up and die already"

"Och, I've run out of toilet paper"

"Och, I wish...

August 16, 2018

"Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof "- Justice, justice we shall pursue: This is the focal idea of this week's parasha

Is attaining justice realistic? 

How long must we struggle through the pursuit? 

Is the pursuit of justice or the achievement of justice more important?

Shoftim is a pr...

In this weeks Parasha, Hashem tells the Jewish people:

"See (Re'eh), I am sitting before you (lifneichem) on this day, blessings and curses" (11:26)

My mother, who loves to correct my father's spelling and grammar would point out two errors if my dad were to quote the pa...

They came to destroy us. They failed. Let’s eat!

This cycle underpins our very understanding of Judaism. 

We proudly boast of our religion centred around food – the caricature of the Jewish mother pictures her feeding three people with two hands, a Jewish grandparent is...

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