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"Ooo, she likes to dance with the devil... whoever the devil ma-a-aa-ayyyy be" sings the devil or Daryn Van Horne in the little known musical 'Witches of Eastwick', which I always thought was Witches of Elsternwick, but that's a story for another time. This week I want...

This week I don't want to discuss the parasha, I'm sorry and I hope the parasha forgives me. I want to discuss the past ten days.

The past ten days are the first time since shnat when I've missed Israel. Of course, I've missed Israel before, for the first two weeks here...

April 13, 2018

In this weeks’ Parsha, we’re given a gentle tap on the shoulder to remind ourselves of what ‘Loshing’ can really do. Whether it’s that someone in your group assignment who’s a bigger lump than your local third years or that mysterious co-worker who’s been ‘sick’ one to...

This week's parasha concerns itself with Tzaraat- the blemishes a person would find on their skin, clothes or home when they had spiritually 'gone off the derech'. This would occur during Am Yisrael's desert encampment and the affected person would have to follow a cer...

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