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Again during this camp season I will be sharing the words of Dena Weiss.

"This week we conclude the book of Bereishit with the death of Ya’akov. Midrashic tradition teaches that Ya'akov prayed to become ill before he died so that he would know that his end was approachi...

First of all a huge mazal tov to Joel Baruch on the occasion of his 8th bar mitzvah anniversary.

A quick thought again from Dena Weiss whose words should resonate with us as we are about to enter or are currently in a camp. It outlines the eternal importance of words, w...

This week's dvar torah is sourced from Dena Weiss of Mechon Hadar and perfectly captures the simple meaning of Yosef's capabilities.

"In the beginning of this week’s parashah, Pharaoh is dreaming.  His dreams are frightening and disorienting, but Pharaoh knows better th...

December 7, 2017

This week's Parsha begins with Joseph, the youngest and most favoured of Jacob’s sons, being given the famous multi-coloured coat by his father. While Joseph wears his new and colourful coat with pride, he is unconcerned of his brothers growing envy and hatred towards...

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