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In a quote: "with great power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben

This week we embark on a journey.

This week we embark on a journey. A journey of repetition.

This new book, Devarim is to the Torah as is Harry Potter in 60 seconds to the Harry Potter series, a summary...

This week's dvar Torah is based on an essay written by Rabbi Avital Hochstein whose thoughts on this week's parsha are far more powerful than mine could be.

The book of Bamidbar, has been, for the most part, an exposition of freedom and liberty. It has examined it from...

In a quote: "Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." - Margaret Mead

In last week's parsha we read about the fatal stabbing of a leader of the tribe of Shimon who was engaged in prohibited acts with a Midianite woman. A man named Pinc...

In this week's parsha we have talking donkeys, jealousy, delusions of God, revelation of God, warring tribes and confusion, all things we are, or are about to experience on camp. Camp is an incredibly intense time where we push ourselves to the limit and test the fabri...

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