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Chodesh tov!

With the dawn of the month of Nissan we begin a new book of the Torah, Vaykira. Although traditionally this is the book of the Torah which is more focused on practice and worship of God rather than stories, it contains nuggets of insight and inspiration.



To recap:

a. Shabbat Shkalim (Census)

b. Shabbat Zachor (Story of Amalek)

c. Shabbat Parah (Parah Adumah)

d. Shabbat HaChodesh (The Jewish Calendar)

 We have finally reached the final special Shabbat which takes place every year on the Shabbat preceding Ros...

Greetings all!

So to recap our special Shabbatot:

a. Shabbat Shkalim (census)

b. Shabbat Zachor (story of Amalek)

c. Shabbat Parah (Parah Adumah)

d. Shabbat HaChodesh

Shabbat Parah recalls the ancient and mystifying practice of slaughtering the Parah Adumah (see below), a pe...

As mentioned in a previous email, this time of year is home to a few special Shabbatot. We have already mentioned Shabbat Shkalim (the census), this week is Shabbat Zachor. 

Traditionally, the maftir, "זכור את עמלק" - "remember Amalek" is attended by many people, who ma...

March 2, 2017

What a first month it has been for the Shnatties in Israel! But it has been at great month at Hineni Melbourne and Hineni Sydney as well! Each month we are making "The Month that Was" videos to send to the Shnatties and to share with you all. Enjoy watching all the gre...

The plot of this week's Parsha pales in comparison to the awe-inspiring stories of Exodus and the census.

Parshat Termuah is the world's first fundraiser, with Moses requesting of the people to donate portions so that Bnei Yisrael can build the Mishkan, the mobile house...

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